Make an Analysis Before You Get a Scooter

Some people think driving a scooter aka moped is wimpy, dorky, etc., I'll also challenge those closed minded, old-fashioned opinions as being too concerned with what others think. For the purpose of this article, scooter will be used to described mopeds as well

Scooters make sense. Our ability to think outside the box has been beaten out of us by a consumer driven culture and persuasive propaganda aka advertising.

Despite the numerous benefits and very few draw backs - unless you're a college student - owning a scooter is relatively uncommon in most parts of the United States, but as our economy changes, scooter (moped) ownership is becoming a wiser more popular choice in USA When considering the pro and cons, buying a scooter can stack up quickly into an economically and fiscal wise purchase.

Scooters, moped, and motorcycles

Although some states differ, most states consider any motorized bike under 50cc to be a scooter (moped) and any bike 50cc or higher to be a motorcycle... a very important distinction because many of the benefits below do not apply to motorcycles.

Let's take a look at some benefits, along with a few buying tips, as seen through the eyes of this fledgling scooter owner.

Save money on gas

Driving a scooter will save you a boat-load of cash on gas. Let's look at the specifics of how much a scooter can save you in just one month.

Lets say, since purchasing a scooter you drive 450 miles on 4 tanks of gas. The tank is 1.32 gallons and the scooter gets 100 mpg, using an average gas price of $3.00/gallon you will spend $13.50 on gas compared to the $90 lets your driving a 2015 Ford pickup, which gets a mere 15 miles to the gallon.

Conclusion? scooters (mopeds) get 6.667x better gas mileage than that Ford and should pay for itself in one driving season in gas savings alone.

Save money on vehicle maintenance

Maintenance and parts for a car are much more expensive than a scooter. (at least 10X more)

Save money on insurance and registration

Again, although some states may differ, in most states a 50cc (49cc with no more then 2 brake horse power) scooter does not require insurance coverage. The only cost associated with a scooter (moped) other than gas, maintenance, and repairs... is the registration tag. Nevada charges a one time registration fee and exempts all scooter (moped) owners from purchasing insurance and wearing a helmet. (wearing a helmet is always advisable)

Since scooter/moped laws differ from state to state be sure to check your applicable state laws pertaining to helmets, insurance, registration, etc.

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