The New Trump Tariff for China means higher prices for you. Do to the Trump Tariff Bill Passing causing all goods from China to be raised by 25% for all incoming products into the Untied States, along with raising costs of metal, Gas and unfair Taxes, the cost on our products will be going up, due to the massive tariff costs. We can all thank President Trump for the well executed plan to raise the prices on almost of all of the goods in the US by 25%, eating away at the new savings on your tax returns. This does not help out the thousands of small business across the United States by loosing customers, loosing revenue, loosing employees and ultimately fold to big box businesses, because they won't be able to compete at any level. ScooterATVSales at Scooter City Reno will explore every option available to keep prices as low as possible and keep our machines affordable so that everyone is able to enjoy the benefit of affordable Powersports.